Become a Resident

We Encourage Your Visit

We highly recommend and encourage multiple visits to WCBR, both to meet with our marketing professionals and to meet residents and associates, prior to making the decision to call our community home. Once you are confident that we’re right for you, it’s important that you maintain close contact with one of our marketing professionals. Developing a plan based on your specific preferences and needs is imperative to the success of your move.

To become a resident, interested individuals need to complete the required financial and medical applications, select and design your new home, and move in! Typically it takes approximately three months from selection of an apartment or cottage until a new resident is able to make the move.

Becoming a Vantage Member

For those individuals who are not yet ready to move, joining our Vantage Program is a must. Vantage Members have exclusive access to our community, attend programs and events, and experience our dining options. With a $1,000 refundable deposit, Vantage Members also establish priority on the waiting list for their desired apartment or cottage home for the future.