Fellowship Program

Why Do We Need a Fellowship Program?

Every year about a dozen residents of Westminster-Canterbury of the Blue Ridge (WCBR) lack the funds to fully pay for monthly housing fees and other basic necessities. These residents have outlived their financial resources. The Fellowship Program aims to make sure that no one will ever have to leave WCBR for lack of funds that is no fault of their own.

Helen’s Story

“For over 12 very happy and fulfilling years at my special Westminster-Canterbury home, a unique and gracious place, I’ve been the grateful recipient of help from the Fellowship Program. I’ve been so enriched in my life here—with the many wonderful friends I have and particularly with the caring and devoted staff. I am very pleased to be able to express my appreciation for all the blessings I’ve been given by the Fellowship Program.”

Who Receives Assistance?

Because we are rooted in a tradition of caring and compassion, the Fellowship Program offers confidential financial assistance to qualified current and prospective residents who lack sufficient resources to cover the full cost of living within the community.


“It is a comfort to know that the Fellowship Fund provides assistance to anyone at WCBR who may need it. I am happy to lend my support, and who knows, I may need it myself one day!”
From a resident

“The Fellowship Fund is one of the reasons why my wife and I decided to move to WCBR.”
From a new resident

“Dad believed the mission of the Fellowship Fund was extremely important, and he contributed regularly to help residents in financial need.”
Son of a resident

“Our parents moved to WCBR in 2002. They quickly became a part of the kind, caring community at WCBR. Mom and Dad believed deeply in the Fellowship Fund to ensure that no resident would be forced to leave because of a lack of funds. We hope this donation will help in this endeavor, and we wish you and everyone else at WCBR all the best for the future.”
Daughters of residents

“WCBR staff members have cared for my mother with dedication, skill, and compassion. Not only did they render capable professional services, they did so in a nurturing and supportive manner.”
From the daughter of a resident

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