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See how our residents are staying involved in this time of social distancing. A video showcase from our community to yours.


Archived Presentations

Westminster-Canterbury of the Blue Ridge is pleased to offer complimentary virtual events. Below is an archive of our previous presentations.

Healthy Tips for the Holidays

Learn different ways that you can make your holiday celebrations both happy and healthy with just a little preparation. This session includes:

  • Grocery shopping for the holidays
  • “Eat, Drink, and be Merry” with mindful eating
  • Healthy cooking swaps
  • Wrapping up the leftovers
  • Recipes you’ll love

  • Planning your retirement while protecting your assets

    In this session, explore your options and all financial considerations:

  • Stay at home vs. living in a retirement community
  • What options exist outside the home?
  • How your assets are protected in a world of unknown spiking medical costs.
  • What is Lifecare and its benefits?
  • How Long-Term Care Insurance complements Lifecare.
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