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AVP Seal tells you WCBR is in top tier for solvency

There are many reasons to choose Westminster-Canterbury of the Blue Ridge. The accommodations are everything anyone could want, the food is out of this world, you have fascinating neighbors, the setting is gorgeous and the staff is second-to-none.

An another important evaluation component: To know the community is on solid financial ground.

You’ll know that because our community bears the AVP Seal.

What does the AVP Seal mean?

AV Powell & Associates is the leading actuarial consulting firm that provides services to CCRCs.

That’s a designation developed by AV Powell & Associates to indicate that the continuing care retirement community’s actuarial results places it in the top tier for long-term solvency. A community with the AVP Seal is in satisfactory actuarial balance with above-average actuarial position, based on AVP’s internal peer review of its most recent actuarial study.

Only clients of AV Powell & Associates are eligible for the AVP Seal, but that eligibility indicates that the recipient is in better-than-average shape among those clients, in actuarial terms. If AVP sees that the financial status is not stable or the underlying actuarial report assumptions are too aggressive, then the client is not eligible for the seal.

Somewhere between 35% and 40% of CCRCs reviewed by AVP are allowed the AVP Seal. Learn more about the seal here.

Another way WCBR pursues excellence

At WCBR, we care about excellence in fiscal matters just as we do in other areas. As you know, we are a not-for-profit community, which means that profits go back into the community itself, rather than to investors or shareholders. We take pride in assuring the revenues we generate are efficiently used for the benefit of those who live here.

Most of the reasons for choosing to live at WCBR are obvious and easy to put your finger on. Others are more behind-the-scenes and less noticeable.

And now you know about another one. Now you know why WCBR is proud to be entitled to the AVP Seal.

Want to learn more? Give us a call at 434-972-2620 and let us review with you the many key measures in which we excel.

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