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Lifecare is one of the best reasons to live at WCBR

Lifecare is one of the best reasons to live at WCBR

There are a lot of great reasons to choose to live at Westminster-Canterbury of the Blue Ridge. One of the best is that it is the only community in Central Virginia to offer the Lifecare option.

What is Lifecare?

What is Lifecare? It’s a program that lets you come live at WCBR and enjoy your independent lifestyle, knowing that if and when you need it, you will have the best of assisted living, memory care, long-term skilled nursing care and rehabilitation therapies at basically the same cost of living independently in your apartment.

It’s about security. Financial security to be sure, with the advantage of knowing that by paying a portion of your health care while in independent living, you will not be paying for unplanned spiking medical costs later, and possibly receive favorable tax advantages now.

And it also means that when you need that care, you have the security of knowing you’ll get it right where you are, surrounded by friends and by staff you have come to know and appreciate.

What it means to residents

In a video on our WCBR website, some residents tell better than we can why Lifecare was a huge plus in why they chose to live here, and a great comfort to them now that they’re here. We urge you to watch it. You’ll see and hear:

  • Lillian Clinger explains that Lifecare means she lives in a place “where I can feel secure and safe for the rest of my life.” Since she already lives where she would receive her care, “You’ll develop your friendships,” and all your friends are still right here with you. She knows “I am in the right place, and I know that I will be well taken care of.”
  • Louise Dudley speaks of the “Security of being able to forecast what our expenses will be,” whatever happens. She knows the cost of living in the place she has chosen won’t “go up for any health-related reason.”
  • Jim Holden takes assurance from knowing that “I can be down the hall in the health center, and Mary can continue to occupy our apartment.” So he and his wife stay together.
  • Jim’s wife Mary is comforted by knowing that the two of them can be “as independent as possible for as long as possible… without being a potential burden to our grown children.”
  • Richard Radt has already enjoyed the full advantages of Lifecare. Sometime back, “Suddenly, I needed a new hip.” After his surgery, he could get full rehab care “right here, at home.” Even better, “My wife could walk 400 feet to come visit me.” It made for “a very nice, comfortable experience in my own place.”

For Richard, even aside from Lifecare, WCBR was where he and his wife wanted to be, because “This is the best place in 100 miles.”

That said, he adds, “But the Lifecare was key to our thinking.”

It may turn out to be key to yours, too. The full advantages exceed what can be explained here. We suggest you call us to schedule a visit, and we’ll clarify in detail why Lifecare from Westminster-Canterbury of the Blue Ridge may be among the smartest decisions you’ve ever made. We’re always available at 434-972-2620

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