Making the Move to WCBR

Moving during COVID

Moving during COVID

They’re so glad they didn’t wait to move into WCBR 

The pandemic has interrupted all sorts of aspects of our lives in America, and around the world. But it shouldn’t interfere with anyone’s retirement plans – if those plans involve moving to Westminster-Canterbury of the Blue Ridge.

That’s what several new residents at WCBR decided – and they’re glad they did.

‘I could tell WCBR was serious’

When the pandemic arrived, Leanne Grove was in the middle of selling her house. The deal closed on May 20. But she was hesitant about taking the next step.

“I thought I should wait,” she remembers. But then she looked at the matter more closely.

She kept an eye on the messages that Gary Selmeczi, president and CEO of WCBR, has been posting on the website. “I felt more reassured,” she says. “I appreciated his candor. I could tell WCBR was serious about the virus and was impressed with the precautions they were taking.”

“Everyone is here to take care of you. Even though it was necessary for things to be shut down, it’s still a very welcoming place.”

All sorts of details, large and small, played into her decisions:

  • She learned about “all the great grocery items I can order from The Marketplace, on the Residents’ webpage.” So she could have everything she needed, without having to go to the grocery store.
  • She found that staff members would even hang pictures for her. “I was wondering how I was going to manage that by myself.”
  • “I basically never have to go to the Post Office. The front desk will mail my letters, and even my packages.”
  • Finally, she wanted to be here so she could “be close to hospitals.”

Glad the way it turned out

John and Nancy Baum felt like they really “had no choice.” Things were too far along. They started things rolling in December, came across the country from California, and arrived on March 14, before things got bad. They then spent two weeks quarantining with their daughter who lives in Charlottesville.

Now, they’re glad the way it turned out, because they’ve learned that WCBR is a great place to be as an older person during a pandemic.

Some of the things that make it that way for the Baums:

  • Meal delivery.
  • Having their own “medical team” – primary care provider, specialist, dentist, and so forth – right here on the premises.
  • Enjoying nature walks.
  • Sharing a garden plot.
  • A place to plug in their electric car.

All things that make life very convenient, especially during a pandemic.

They, too, cited the “good, open and honest communication” they’ve gotten from Gary and other staff.

‘Let’s do it.’

Ron and Susan Yates chose WCBR after looking at three different communities. The moved in on May 18.

“We decided not to wait on the what ifs,” they said. “Let’s do it.”

Here are some of the advantages to the Yateses of going ahead with their plans:

  • Meal delivery.
  • The fact that the move was safe, because everyone took the proper precautions.
  • They liked feeling that someone was always aware and checking on them.
  • Everyone providing them with service had been vetted, so they felt safer.
  • Pharmacy delivery.

For them, too, Gary’s video messages helped as they got ready to make the move. They could see how serious WCBR was about managing safely through the pandemic.

They felt fully plugged into their new community for three months before they moved in.

We asked them for their advice, and they said:

“Don’t wait. Move now. Ask yourself, how healthy are you now? If you wait, you might not be able to move in later. How could waiting affect your long-term plan?”

If you have questions about moving into the WCBR community, we can help. Call us at 434-972-2822 to talk it over. Our expert staff can help you decide whether now is the time to make your move.

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