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Welcome to WCBR Blog/News

Welcome to WCBR Blog/News

Did you ever wonder what goes into planning the five-star meals  at Westminster-Canterbury of the Blue Ridge? Are you curious about the cultural and culinary attractions offered in Charlottesville, including award-winning wineries, live theater and, of course, the University of Virginia?

This is where you’ll find out about those topics and more. Welcome to the WCBR Blog/News, a packed-filled resource we’ve created to help you get to know our community and to help us get to know you, too.

We want WCBR Blog/News to be informative, both for our residents and for those interested in joining a community that offers first-class service, fine dining and splendid accommodations that cater to the lifestyle and interests of free-spirited senior adults. We’ll offer practical tips, such as advice on moving to WCBR or how our health and wellness programs can help you keep your body active. We’ll talk about volunteer opportunities that will keep your mind engaged.

We’ll give you information about our innovative programs such as The Compass Club, which lets you enjoy our amenities before you move in, and our Lifecare plans, which offer you a full continuum of care at a predictable cost no matter what level of services you need. We’ll also brag a little bit with links to coverage of WCBR in the news.

We’ll write profiles of staff and residents, giving you a closer look at the faces you see every day.

Don’t see what you’re looking for?

Keep following us. We’ll be adding new categories regularly, so you’ll stay in the know. Ask questions if there’s something you want to learn more about. And email us at mktg@wc-br.org if there’s a topic you’d like to see us write about in the future.

At WCBR, we pride ourselves on creating a life-enriching retirement community. We seek, and welcome, insightful input and ideas. We hope the WCBR Blog/News is another way for us to connect with you and achieve those goals.

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