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Buying local and keeping things fresh at Westminster-Canterbury of the Blue Ridge

Buying local and keeping things fresh at Westminster-Canterbury of the Blue Ridge

At Westminster-Canterbury of the Blue Ridge (WCBR), we’re committed to keeping things fresh on every level.

We’ve pledged to serve the residents of our upscale retirement community the freshest foods grown in the most sustainable manner possible. We update our menus frequently in order to take advantage of products that are in season. And a majority of the food served at WCBR is prepared in our kitchen and bakery, from breakfast pastries to dinner entrees.

We understand the connection between healthful eating and a healthy life. That’s why we want our residents to enjoy optimally nutritious foods.

We work hand-in-hand with local farmers and orchards to bring residents produce that’s grown and harvested locally. In fact, WCBR is one of the largest purchasers of fresh fruits and vegetables in Albemarle County, where we’re located. We also serve poultry and meat from pastured livestock whenever possible.

This commitment to both farmers and to our residents means that we’re able to offer ever-changing menus and a gourmet dining experience created around the best Virginia has to offer. While there’s always a selection of traditional favorites – steaks, and comfort foods – our emphasis on buying local means we’re committed to creating dishes that take advantage of each season’s bounty.

Seasonal favorites served with upscale flair

Throughout each of our four restaurants – The Marketplace, The Main Dining Room, Dome Lounge and Jefferson’s – the menus change with the seasons. There’s always a Soup of the Day served, but it might be a spicy gazpacho or chilled strawberry bisque in the summer and a hearty sweet potato maple soup in the winter.

We also put a gourmet twist on traditional favorites. Butternut squash and mushrooms are fall staples, but they’re updated in risottos and raviolis. In the winter, apple-sage stuffing is a favorite accompaniment to roasted turkey. Spring menus feature creative quiches and seafood dishes.

And from juicy watermelon in the summer to crisp apples in the fall, farm-fresh local fruits take centerstage in amazing and creative desserts made fresh daily in our bakery.

Our Chef, dining management and dietitian also keep an eye out for opportunities to have fun. On National Chili Day, we offer a buffet of chicken, vegetarian and traditional chili with a delicious array of toppings that let guests create their own entrée.

Speaking of guests, we’re always open to ideas and suggestions. An Italian sausage sandwich that’s a favorite in the Dome Lounge was created based on a resident’s recipe. If there’s something you’re missing, just let us know.

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