We are committed to ensuring a safe environment for all who live and work in this community.

In these unprecedented times, our focus here at Westminster-Canterbury of the Blue Ridge (WCBR) remains exactly the same.  We are committed to ensuring a safe environment for all who live and work in this community.  What is different are the steps we have taken to achieve an environment where residents receive the highest level of protection while still enjoying many of the comforts they deserve and expect.

Since the early days of March, we’ve adjusted many of our customary practices at WCBR, from encouraging physical distancing and frequent hand washing, to restricting visitors and monitoring travel activities of residents and staff. These measures quickly expanded to the closing of numerous amenities such as the Fitness Center and congregate Dining areas, to the cancellation of nearly all activities and meetings, as well as a ban on all visitors.  Following confirmation of the COVID virus, all residents have been observing a quarantine, staying in their homes at WCBR except for walks outside, wearing masks and observing proper distancing from others.  Fortunately, the virus has so far been contained.

Through it all, the spirit of this remarkable community has not only remained strong, it has grown and deepened in ways none could have foretold.  Staff members have shifted gears and found new ways to bring comfort and safety to residents, and residents, in turn, have reached out to one another with phone calls of reassurance and emails to entertain.  Others devote their time and skill to using technology to share vital information.  WCBR’s leaders appear on the in-house television network regularly with updates and details of how to navigate the changes upon us.   A typical day at WCBR lately will include nimble staff making their way around campus delivering meals, mail and newspapers, while residents have plied their sewing skills to make cloth masks for every single staff member and resident.

We are all working together to stay safe and strong, and the spirit of caring and compassion, a cornerstone of this community, will carry us through.


Livestream Messages

Here’s a series of livestream messages from President and CEO, Gary Selmeczi to our residents. Guest speakers providing additional information appear as well. Please click any of the links below to view.


Insights from our community and loved ones

Hear directly from our residents and their family members about the care and support they are receiving during this challenging time.

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To bring you closer during this time of social distancing, we’d like to share a few streaming options that residents are enjoying in their own homes.

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