Insights from our community and their loved ones

Residents of Westminster-Canterbury are strengthened through their community. They’re grateful to have true peace of mind, knowing their health is protected while their needs are met with the utmost care. Hear directly from our residents and their family members about the care and support they are receiving during this challenging time.

Abram H., Resident

“Thanks to the guys at the Front Desk for your courtesy and patience.”

Rebecca R., Resident

"Many thanks to all who are assisting us!"

Joyce R., Resident

“It would be difficult for me to name just one person who has gone above and beyond their job description.  Over the last few weeks, you have all managed to give us some semblance of normality in our lives whilst staying remarkably cheerful and efficient. I, for one, send you my heartfelt thanks. My very best to you all.”

Nancy G., Resident

"Three cheers for our loyal heroes!!!"

Anita J. and Bill W., Residents

“We are amazed at how rapidly and effectively you have changed the way that many services are performed for residents!  You have been both caring and professional in responding to individual needs and preferences — late meal orders, out of stock items, many delivery trips to a door, new public space cleaning, and more. We thank you for your creative re-definition of how you do your job, and hope that you and your families stay safe in these troubled times.”

Mary Jane W., Resident

“Dear Bea, thank you so much for being here for all of us. Do stay well!”

Ruthanne and Arne H., Residents

“Dear Wonderful People who clean our apartments, make and serve food, deliver mail, wash clothes, take our temps at the main gate, pick up groceries, give us medical advice, pray, and all the other numerous things that need doing to keep this community healthy and happy. We see you smiling and waving and we hug you too from afar! Thank you!”

Arne H., Resident

“Thank you for all you do under normal circumstances, and a special thanks for your extra efforts in these extraordinary days. We are most grateful.”

Arline Z., Resident

“Hello all you lovely associates who cook, prepare & deliver our lunches & dinner, a big thank you!!!”

Bettye W., Resident

“Mail delivered. We are blessed to have such a wonderful group of associates!”


“I can only echo the words of everyone in saying thank you to so many, the Dining and Kitchen Staff, and all who deliver, with big smiles. To Debbie, who shows up with a smile on Monday morning, to Matthew, Brittany and Richard, who keep me moving and entertained. Also, thank you to all who man the front desk and the gate around the clock.  You are all heroic. Not only are we grateful, but so are our families. Take care of yourselves.”

Marjorie C., Resident

“There are not enough words to express my gratitude to all associates who risk their own health by coming to work every day to attend to their various assignments.  I'm truly grateful to all and thank you for keeping us safe and sane.”

Fred L., Resident

“I want to thank the three associates who took time out of their busy schedule to try to help me to find my hearing aids. Thank you very much.”

Lari L., Resident

I want to thank all associates and especially Leah and Amanda for being so flexible in helping to protect our home life and to provide safety and the essentials for all of us. Leah and Amanda always have a kind word and strong smile. Many thanks and stay safe.

Norvene V., Resident

“Dear Associates — All, there are no words really to express my thanks for all you are doing for us in these days. I wrote my daughter and she responded, "it must be heart-warming to be so well cared for." And indeed it is. And we are praying for you and your families also in these days. Many, many thanks!”

Mary H., Resident

“I hope you will join me in sending kudos to the D&N staff for their outstanding efforts on behalf of the WCBR residents during this strange time for everyone. Not only have they been delivering meals to our doors, but today started to make deliveries of Marketplace items as well as a wide variety of other groceries! My order just arrived: fresh vegetables/salad greens/fresh fruit. WOW! They are making it possible for everyone to truly shelter in place. Please join me in taking every opportunity to THANK Chef David, Jason, Nichole, and their fantastic team! Each member of the team is working very hard and very effectively to make our lives at WCBR safe and happy!”

David S., Resident

“Kudos to the D&N staff enthusiastically seconded. Delivery is prompt, accurate, and Leah even called me from Marketplace to explain that one item I ordered [out of five] was temporarily unavailable.”

Walter & Anita M., Residents

“We've been at WCBR for close to three years and have truly been blessed by the amazing care and service we've experienced from people at all levels, from the leadership to the associates. This has become especially evident over the past few weeks, which brought exceptional challenges to everyone working here. Yes, thank you, thank you, and may God richly bless you all!”

Christian R., Resident

“Thank you for your patience with the state of our apartment and with my better-late-than-never arising on Wednesdays. You do a superb job for us. I also appreciate your tolerating the mask and gloves. Yes, we're all in this together.”

Dick and Judy R., Residents

“Often, when a new resident arrives at WCBR, they have been heard to comment that it is like living on a cruise ship. This was never more true than now, as we all sail through these troubled waters. For each and every one of the extraordinary crew who are manning the lifeboats, we are so very grateful. Thank you for your dedication and many kindnesses.”

Susan & Ross T., Residents

“We send our deepest and most sincere thanks to each and every one of you. Some of you we rarely see, but we know that all are working long hours, sometimes in difficult and even frightening conditions. You are spending time away from home and family in order to help with all of our needs, big and small. You have performed miracles by your rapid and creative transitions as conditions have changed. At the same time, you have managed to keep up with all of the requirements of day-to-day operations. Bless you!”

Arloine H., Resident

“Where do I begin? So many of you associates have helped me adjust in so many ways that “thank you” seems insufficient. To name a few right now: Tanya, Nicole, Duvall, Diane, Joe, Amber, and others in dining services. housekeepers: Wendy, Kalina (who bends to do things I can no longer bend to do), Caroline, Debbie, and all other “hall friends.” All of the clinic associates: Fran, Nadia, Robert, Katherine, Pam and Dr. Balogun who tend to us all in so many many ways to keep us feeling better. Jon, Echo, Isiah, J'iar, Reg, Shekena and Geraldine, etc., who do so much: check our mail boxes, and now deliver mail and keep us updated on what we are supposed to be doing, rescue us when we lock ourselves out of our apartments or have “fallen and can’t get up.” Transportation drivers who get us to doctor appointments, etc. – Gary, Daryl, and Ron – now our grocery gatherers, and Bruce at the helm. Fitness staff who keep us moving, Matthew, Richard and Brittany – how can they see when we are doing a movement wrong? Facility associates Joe, Joe Jr., Melvin, Percy, David, Bobby, Jim, Larry, Booker, and others I do not know by name. Oops, almost forgot: Holly, who sees that our repairs, etc., are addressed. Sherie, Obie Sue, IT group, marketing, business office associates, and of course Erin, who sees the Foundation coffers keep filled. Thanks, Gary, for keeping us apprised of what new regulations will be affecting us. Not incidental are the associates currently tucked away in catered living, Vista and health care caring for all those needing special help. I am sure I am neglecting some, so my heartfelt thanks to you ALL who are working so hard to care for us each day. This too shall pass, and blessings on you all until it does.”

Mr. and Mrs. S., Residents

“S-O-O hard to separate one (group) from the others! But since we see dining services three times a day, we'll choose them. They are working so hard and with such good spirits. And, we certainly say “Thank You” to ALL those who are behind the scenes smiling. And thank you, Abe and Isabelle, for giving us this opportunity. And Marian for all your beautiful words.”

Carolyn L., Resident

“To Sandi and all the health care staff: All of the residents are very thankful for you and your staff for the excellent care you are providing all of us. Thank you, a hundred times over. We know that all of the many restrictions are making your job even more difficult than usual. Take care of yourself and stay well.”

Nancy and Russ G., Residents

“We want to thank Juanita in dining who always has a smile on her face, and all the front desk workers who seem to know everything and have unlimited patience with us residents. We are grateful for your service.”

“It would be difficult for me to name just one person who has gone above and beyond their job description. Over the last few weeks, you have all managed to give us some semblance of normality in our lives whilst staying remarkably cheerful and efficient. I, for one, send you my heartfelt thanks. My very best to you all.”

Mary Ann L., Resident

“This message is for all our associates – the gardeners, the wait staff, the dining managers, the security, the front desk, fitness, all the women who clean our homes and the guys who do the corridors, pick up our trash, those working in the laundry, and those who are making every effort to take care of our health (the clinic, the health center, vista, and catered living). And to the administration, the business office, HR, marketing and IT who are analyzing, sorting options, finalizing plans to keep our home “working” during this trying time, and for the future when we have passed through this crisis. All of you are special and I am most grateful that you come every day to help us through this most difficult time. Words seem inadequate. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

Steve G., Resident

“I am extremely grateful to the entire associate cadre for the way they turned on a dime and managed to deliver warm, wholesome meals to our doors. Then add to that, the daily mail. Incredibly dedicated service. HUGE THANKS!”

John and Rauna S., Residents

“Thank you all, from the bottom of our hearts, for putting your own and your families’ and friends’ lives at risk every day, as you continue to commute to and from WCBR. We are confident that the safety measures you implement daily will keep us alive and well for the duration, and we hope that you and your family and friends will also survive and thrive.”

Isabelle, Resident

“To all our associates during these very difficult times: I am amazed how you have managed to continue your wonderful service to us. How in 24 hours or less we get all our meals and mail delivered and how you attempt to provide us with entertainment. I feel very fortunate to be here. Keep safe.”

Joyce and Jim S., Residents

“There are so many wonderful and kind associates here at WCBR that to single out any one above all of you would be impossible at this time. You are all contributing to keeping us safe and well and we owe you a BIG THANK YOU. There are so many behind-the-scenes people that we do not see every day, but we know you are there and we do appreciate you. You are all working under difficult circumstances, and let’s hope we can get back to normal soon.”

David & Mary L., Residents

“We have been so impressed with all of the effort and concern that you have directed to us. We have been more than surprised by your bringing mail to us and then taking mail to be given to the U.S. Postal Service. What can we say about the food you have carried to us? TOPS! Please take care of yourselves, as your work is above and beyond what would be expected. Blessings to you and yours.”

Mary H., Resident

“I was quarantined in my apartment for 14 days as a precaution when I returned from Florida. Fran checked with me every day to make sure I was doing well and had no fever. My dinner and mail deliveries were much appreciated. However, I never saw who the delivery people were. As I was not allowed outside, it was so important for me to be able to exercise with Matthew, Brittany & Richard. I am so grateful to all of you who are seeing us through this terrible virus.”

Liz M., Resident

“With love to ALL our remarkable associates! It would be impossible to single out one because each and every one of you have pulled together to make what seemed impossible possible. You are all part of my family for always. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! Blessings to ALL.”

Leah & Bob Y., Residents

“We thank you so very much for all that you are doing in these challenging times. You have kept us well cared for, and safe, with the incredible job that all of you are doing. Your rapid response to adapt to this sudden threat has been absolutely remarkable.”

Nancy B., Resident

“Thank you so much for all you have done and are doing for us. I would especially like to thank Caroline, my housekeeper, for her cheerful and efficient visit each week. She is a joy to have. All of the people who work in the cafeteria, at the desk, and those who keep our buildings and grounds clean and attractive are always smiling and helpful. So many, many thanks to each and every one of you. Please stay well.”

Eleanore S., Resident

“We don't see many of you in our empty halls, but we know that you are there doing more than you always do. To every one of you we say: Thank You. Thank You. Thank You.”

Marian L., Resident

“I want to thank Patricia for responding to my late call for a dinner. How she knew I had called, I have no idea. Within 10 minutes, Patricia called me, took my late order for a dinner on Sunday & thanked me! What an angel!”

Marilyn G., Resident

“Pam, Obie Sue, Sherrie, Sammy and Stephany: Thank you all for helping me achieve what would be impossible to do without your great help!”

Dave and Jan T., Residents

“It is with immense gratitude that we say THANK YOU!! WCBR would not be the wonderful place that it is without every one of you working so diligently every day to make this our marvelous home. Now, in this time of such uncertainty, you have, without question, pitched in to go many extra miles to make everything safe and comfortable for all the residents. We dare not mention any one group, as all are important and all are going far beyond the call of duty:  keeping the grounds looking so beautiful, doing the maintenance, doing the cleaning, bringing groceries, mail and food, insuring safety and security, and providing care in the health care areas. Thank You to all associates and staff during this struggle. Thank You for caring, working under difficult conditions and installing procedures to keep us all safe from this contagion. Please take care to insure you and your loved ones stay safe and well. Thank You!”

Lila M., Resident

“You are all the amazing Band of Brothers in the day-to-day care you offer. Thank You for your service."

Corky S., Resident

“Thank you, dear Debbie, for doing your usual great job of cleaning my apartment yesterday and for wearing your mask and gloves while doing so!  I appreciate all that you do for me.”

Carolyn K., Resident

“Thanks to Ron and the dedicated meal deliverers. I am especially glad to see his waves and big smiles as he stops for a moment in front of each cottage.”

Margaret C., Resident

“I want to say to all associates, whether I know them individually or not, that you are owed our abiding gratitude for all you are doing, and a big hug when it is safe to do so. Also a special shout-out to my wonderful cleaner, Judy!”

Sandy P., Resident

“I can't name any names. My doorbell rings, and by the time I get there, the magic has arrived, but no one is there. So I don’t really know who all the magicians are, but I am eternally grateful to be where I am. I am eternally grateful for all the help that comes our way. It takes an army to keep all of us healthy and well fed. And I am grateful for that army.”

Charlie and Deborah S., Residents

“We so appreciate the time and effort you all are contributing to keep the residents happy. We so appreciate all of you for the work you do to take care of all residents. We realize, too, that to do so, you have to be away from your families. Thank you all. Hope you all stay well.”

Betty and John S., Residents

“We are so grateful to all those great people who take care of us. There are many we could name...the clinic guys, the ones behind the desk, our great dining staff , the laundry workers we never see ......ONE we see once a week, Stephanie, always greets us with a smile, a vacuum cleaner, and a wonderful bag of fresh linens. Ray, Stephanie and all the rest of you!”

Barbara C., Resident

“To all the associates in Dining Services – thank you so much for the fantastic job in getting our food to us. For Lillian, my cleaning lady. I’ve thanked her repeatedly already, so this is just another bit of praise for all her efforts. Also, to the administration for all their hard work in dealing with this crisis and for keeping us as safe as humanly possible.”

Jerry K., Resident

“Personnel at the front desk: They have been most helpful and answered all questions to go beyond what we have come to expect of them. Many thanks! Many, many thanks for Fran’s advice and leadership at the clinic through these trying times. Dining Services are continuing to serve us delicious meals – it helps immeasurably to weather this crisis.”

Margot and David Y., Residents

“We send heartfelt appreciation to the entire WCBR Staff, from every single Associate in Housekeeping and Health Care, those in the Dining Room, Facilities, Fitness, IT, Resident Services and our Chaplain, all the way to the Front Office. You are doing an amazing job, exceeding our expectations in caring for our community. We wish for you to stay safe, be in good health and know we are deeply thankful for your tireless service.”

Karen O., Resident

“Kudos to Nicole and all the dining room staff for a seamless transition to a very different dining experience. From my experience as a senior university administrator in some dire situations, I know what a logistical nightmare this must have been. You did a remarkable job! Congratulations and thank you.”

Lillian and Bill C., Residents

"Thank you for all the wonderful things all the associates are doing to make our “quarantine” bearable! Our food delivery, mail, packages and grocery delivery has been superb. You have worked so hard to keep us comfortable through this emergency. Thank you all so much. Your smiles are a gift to us!"

Jane and Denny S., Residents

"Thank you, thank you, thank you. It is unbelievable what you are all doing for us. The services (e.g. - food quality & delivery, mail, fitness classes, etc.) have been so responsive and excellent. Many of you have assumed new responsibilities, and handled them so effectively and transparently. And, for those of us that have special needs, you are always there with a smile to get it done. We are blessed. If they gave out grades, you would get an A++. God bless."

Jane K., Resident

"From the incredibly helpful and super-friendly front desk staff to the angels who deliver mail, newspapers, and yummy meals, and Kalina who keeps my apartment sparkling. This doesn’t list those in healthcare, fitness, the chaplain, administrators, and other assistants who accomplish amazing jobs at WCBR. Thank you! Thank you! I feel like a queen!"

Bettye W., Resident

"I am thankful for Chaplain Marian, who has been the voice of calm and hope in these troubled times. She has used our TV channel to continue the tradition of Holy Week services, ending with Communion-to-go and uplifting hymns this Easter Sunday. I am also thankful for the people who work so hard to bring us all of the information and entertainment on WCBR Channel 972. I do not know their names, but they certainly do a good job! It goes without saying that I am forever grateful for all of our associates, who put us ahead of their homes and families and keep us safe and secure in our homes. There is no way we can ever repay you for all you are doing in this situation."

Mac D., Resident

"You can’t see us, but we are smiling every time we hear our doorbell. You are why we are smiling. Keep at it even though we are invisible; feel the warmth of our feelings through our doors. Thank you, each and every one of you."

John and Eleanor V., Residents

"We signed up for WCBR after procrastinating for a couple of years, and our two daughters finally had a clandestine meeting that resulted in an ultimatum, 'Mom, Dad, you have got to decide where you are going to be when the train pulls into the station for the last time.' So, we decided. We did our due diligence and looked closely at the different living accommodations for independent living, carefully studied the health system and finally the fitness offerings. No doubt WCBR was the place to go, even if it meant selling the cat. What never crossed our minds was the WCBR staff. As we are running up to our third year here, we have learned, though understaffed at times, it was a group of people doing a fine job, trying their best. Then came corona. It is times such as these that illuminate the heights of performance people can exhibit when the situation demands it. People here obviously see their job as being less for a paycheck and more for their concern for us, the old folk. They know that for us, a bout with corona could be the last stop of the train. They will forever receive our deep appreciation and true love from our hearts."

Lois and Dudley R., Residents

"We are deeply grateful to management, staff and associates for their skilled adaptations to the coronavirus crisis. We thank each and every one of you for your devotion and hard work. Special thanks to Janice for her efficient housekeeping and her cheerful attitude, which brightens our Fridays; to Robert in the clinic for always going out of his way to be helpful; and to Marian for her spiritual guidance. May each of you and your families be blessed with good health in the weeks and months ahead."

Marj C., Resident

"There are not enough words to express my gratitude to all associates who risk their own health by coming to work every day to attend to their various assignments. I'm truly grateful to all, and thank you for keeping us safe and sane. Thanks, thanks, thanks!"

Earle and Louise D., Residents

"We are SO grateful for every associate! Some are working steadily, often behind the scenes or even from home, helping to keep our lives as normal as possible. Our homes are being cleaned, fresh sheets and towels are at hand, trash is collected, the mail is delivered, and fitness classes are offered every day. Other departments, especially Dining, that have had to dramatically change and expand their services, are going way above and beyond. And kudos to the administration for prompt and clear communication. Thank you all for being here for us!"

Joanne M., family member

“My husband has dementia and we just moved him in so I wasn’t sure what this was going to be like. They have helped him to connect with me daily via FaceTime and have been very responsive to me if I have questions about what is going on, since I cannot visit him. I am confident they are taking care of him without me there and I really appreciate all the extra work they are putting in.”

Judy R., Resident

"My husband had a stroke nine months ago. During this time, the support and care has been incredible. He has been able to continue rehab and I am able to get medical supplies directly from the clinic, rather than a drugstore. He has everything he needs to continue healing. Our family is in another country. They know we are taken care of."

Sandy P., Resident

"While this time is very difficult to be by yourself, we are very fortunate. My daughter has no concerns knowing that I am at Westminster-Canterbury of the Blue Ridge. I don’t have to worry about a thing thanks to the staff here."

Ducie M., Resident

“Many thanks to all the dining associates, chefs, bakers and cleaning staff. Without Victoria, Diane, Juanita, Fern, Joseph, Duval, Jose, Taylor, Tonya, Leah and so many others, our meals would not taste the same. Your extra time and effort are so appreciated. Please stay well and take care of yourself and your family. You are very special people. Thank you to the Front Desk crew. This includes Echo, Jon, Reg, Mohammed, Sammy, Leslie, John, Geraldine and others whose names I can't remember right now. Our calls to the Front Desk are received with competence and kindness. I miss not being able to banter with them on my way through the front hall. Also, thanks to Matthew, Brittany and Richard for the wonderful job they’re doing with the Fitness classes. I love their jokes & banter as we're exercising away. It can’t be easy for them, but they’ve done such a good job of “making do” in a complex situation. Last but not least: Many thanks for Chaplain Marian for her calm demeanor and strong spirituality. She’s a rock for us. I know she is greatly appreciated.”

Louise D., Resident

"The administration has done a wonderful job rallying around our community to help us continue on with our lives. They have worked day and night to make sure we have the information we need and are continuously asking for our feedback on how everything is going."

Bettye W., Resident

"From the moment I moved in, I felt a sense of safety and security and that still stands true today. The leadership team here has put our safety and their concerns for us first."

Olin H., Resident

"Even though we are separated, I’d feel more isolated if I lived on my own, since I’m such an outgoing person. We are finding ways to cope and the staff has done a great job of providing activities for us to do through the in-house channel. They are always working to make experiences better."

Dick H., Resident

"Communication throughout this time has been consistent, direct and informative. The 24/7 security at the front gate has helped me to feel safe and secure. They’ve explained everything to us and there is no confusion as to what is going on and how we all can work together as a community."

Jane K., Resident

"I missed my regular aerobics class and it’s nice that now I can participate in my home via the community channel. I appreciate the messages from Gary and how much the staff is doing for us. We have everything we could possibly want and are very lucky to live here. I’d be in terrible shape right now if I lived alone."

Peggy H., Resident

"Since I don’t have a computer, it was a little harder for me to place my online grocery order but the staff was there to assist me. It’s nice to know someone is looking out for me all the time and they have a solution to everything. My children get updates on the website since they can’t visit. They know I’m being taken care of."

Sarah D., Resident

"They set up a grocery program so that we can order anything we want and have it delivered right to our door. This is great so we don’t have to leave our homes. They’ve worked hard to assure we can still enjoy the many things we love about Westminster-Canterbury."

Jacqueline G, Resident

"We moved here because we knew about Westminster-Canterbury’s reputation for quality care. We’ve not been disappointed. I’ve worked in disaster services before and can say that everything around COVID-19 has been handled without a glitch."

Ross T., Resident

"Fitness staff are streaming exercise classes so people can stay inside. This is terrific. Individuals who have volunteered and other resident organizations provide additional programming. Talks, piano performances, you name it. All are helping to make it feel normal.”

Jackie C., Family Member

"I want to thank all of you! My Mom feels very comfortable and safe. I am so glad you are taking such strong efforts to protect her and all of the WCBR community, residents and associates. I want to let you know how much the staff's hard work and dedication is appreciated by a daughter who cannot be there to help."

Nick C., Resident

"Both our daughters are extremely pleased we are here. Our meals are delivered to our door. Staff is doing everything they can to protect us. We really appreciate it. It’s a blessing to be here."

Chris, Resident

"In the April issue of Happenings, Gary commented 'We are Family!' These past weeks, staff and associates joined together to meet all our needs with dedication and compassion. This is at the risk of their health and that of their families. As residents, we realize how blessed we are to live in such a caring community where there is concern and compassion for one another. Special recognition to Gary, Marian, John and his Security team, Nicole/Tony in Dining, Tina my housekeeper, IT and Fitness teams. Thanks to all staff and associates for the exemplary job you've done for us during this challenging time!"

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